Your time is our number one priority, but our passion for service goes far beyond just that.
Created by a group of team members, this list of values, creates an atmosphere of service that we as a company choose to BELIEVE in. Each team mate at One Hour learns and follows these principles, as a personal structure for our behavior and how we serve you.

We believe in on time, all the time, or your don’t pay a dime.

We believe in holy drop cloths and magic yellow booties.

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between fast AND perfect.

We believe our swiss watchmaker installations are up to 50% more efficient.

We believe our Tri-JUVenations are three times guaranteed to make grandma and your wallet happy.

We believe Comfort Club is family.

We believe family gets first priority, within 24 hours, always.

We believe pets are family too.

We believe you can smell clean air.

We believe we can’t help you, until we listen.

We believe in pictures and simple explanations.

We believe you should talk to real people, not phone robots.

We believe we should be the safest drivers on the road.

We believe spotless, organized trucks improve performance.

We believe crisp, clean uniforms reveals our attitude.

We believe in caring for the little guys.

We believe they make the biggest difference in our community.

We believe birthdays aren’t workdays.

We believe hard work is fun.

We believe the price we tell you upfront is what you pay.

We believe you should only pay when you’re 100% satisfied.